by Complete Crap

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Dave(vox), Kotti(bass), Stolle(guitar), Hansdrums)

contact: madwinx@yahoo.com


released April 16, 2011

recorded, mixed & mastered winter 2010 by chris & julian




Complete Crap Potsdam, Germany

almost-punx from kotzdam shitcity/germoney


21.06.17 - Fête de la Musique/kuze/potsdam
11.08. oboa festival
31.08. punkhotel/potsdam (ratttengold)

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Track Name: COMPLETE CRAP - cry me a river
CRY ME A RIVER --- i don´t give a shit about your “we“ / don´t bore me with your “unity“ / don´t need your „volk“ / i rather fondle volkers fur / don´t wanna play part of it / therefor? what for? what shall that be? nobody pulls together – okay, fine! but everybody is on the leash / slaves in the cage with carrot & stick / i bite the hand that feeds me ´cause it poisons me / no country, no nation to peg out for / human material – just a number, just a file / exploitation logic – that´s how it is / i´m just commited to myself / it´s all just a stupid crappy game / okay, i´m forced to play along / but beware! i cheat you where i can / asocial? oh, cry my a river! look at yourself, dork! ---
Track Name: COMPLETE CRAP - situation violation
SITUATION VIOLATION --- daddy is the führer of a gang / the führer of the riot police / the führer of the black faceless army / scream „hail!“ when you´re down on your knees / situation violation / beat the shit out of me / situation violation / i´m the shame of the family / situation violation / now you´re dead an gone / situation violation / vengence of the bastard son / since the last riot there´s a missing in action / the führer is lost without a trace / this is the vengence for the night stick justice / i´ll give it back into the führers face ---
Track Name: COMPLETE CRAP - brain drain
BRAIN DRAIN --- don´t need a brain / what the hell for? / to open the bottle? / to start a fight? / to read the yellow press? / to turn off the light? / to watch all the talkshows? / to go to work? / to go the disco and being a jerk? / my brain´s a mystery i don´t want to explore / just makes my head heavy / i don´t get what it´s for / clean up your head / kick out the brain / mindless forever / brain in the drain ---
Track Name: COMPLETE CRAP - king of the koksklo
KING OF THE KOKSKLO --- my kingdom downstairs / one square-meter with a broken gate / wall tiled pallace / wet cold pictures of shit / forever squatted / it´s mine, so get the fuck right out of it! / the seat´s full of piddle / the lid´s clean as a whistle / table is set / who needs cutlery? / king of the koksklo / coatis united! / druff like a mad ape / you´re a horse / i´m very excited / hail me! / selfrighteous ego-maniac / v.i.p. party in my head / manic and manic and four times depressive / i eat that shit alone / i´m a happy aggressive / no conscience, no tomorrow / future? / what´s that? / my blood´s whiter than aryans / coincidentally funny and sad ---
Track Name: COMPLETE CRAP - forced to give up
FORCED TO GIVE UP --- i´m the segment / you´re the construct / we´re the ruin / the biography of the youth ---
Track Name: COMPLETE CRAP - less punk than your dog
LESS PUNK THAN YOUR DOG --- you´re so cool / you´re punk? / fucking babble and nothing moves in your head / you don´t need music / just live for drinking / it´s so easy to grumble about the others / you haven´t the inspiration of d.i.y. / unpolitical illusions / in conjunction with senseless and endless discussions / you´re so cool ´cause you´re punk / you´re so cool and would like to be a punk / i don´t give a fuck what you think about it / have my own attitude / love punk and hate the society / spitting on you how it fits me / this is what i´ll fucking do for you ---
Track Name: COMPLETE CRAP - bunny´s revenge
BUNNY´S REVENGE --- they want revenge and wipe out the master race now / the bear, the chicken, the monkey and the cow / and all the other animals are waiting for the fight / now the time has come / now it´s time to fight / homicide, homicide / screaming through the dark night / creature shadows on the wall / hunt is on! / kill ´em all! / and then the bear comes back with a scalp on his head / it was a hard fight / but now they´re all dead / revenge of the animals / wipe ´em all out / and then party all night long / scream it out loud ---
Track Name: COMPLETE CRAP - judge yourself
JUDGE YOURSELF --- because of unreal leaders / friends become enemies / because of stupid rules / your life becomes a tragedy / no god can judge me / fuck you! fucking fascist pope! / i respect your style / but you have to respect me too / i wanna say what i think / and i don´t wanna die for it / try to enjoy your life / but don´t forget to use your brain / try to realize what is fiction, what is life / no god can judge me! ---
Track Name: COMPLETE CRAP - love is like my underwear
LOVE IS LIKE MY UNDERWEAR --- seduced, in love and confused / i look at you - you look at me / since the first date together / together strong and confident / the first month goes by so fast / the lucky twosome, priceless / can´t get enough from each other / time is running - forever connected / in the second month, dispute on dispute / it´s only a fucking lie / feelings are dispelled / interests for others rise / in the third month the soap is over / nothing´s left from the beautiful times / instead of love, suffering and loneliness / love is like my underwear! / like my underwear! ---
Track Name: COMPLETE CRAP - mom
MOM --- mom is everything / money is nothing / my mom is your dad / your dad is judge dredd ---
Track Name: COMPLETE CRAP - complete crap
COMPLETE CRAP --- all i do makes no sense at all / no need for no one / just stupid shit / usefull member of this society / ey, shut the fuck up! / i dont like it / its complete crap!!! / my eyes are bigger than the belly / self determination / the eternal scrap / i am the queen of no-need / you will kiss my feet / its complete crap!!! / i dont care what you think and who i am / thats my way of life / i dont belong to nothing and no one / i dont need you to survive ---