delivering da styles!

by Complete Crap

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selfreleased 7"


released January 31, 2014

recorded by dirk & nikolaus 2013 /kotzdam
mixed and mastered by nikolaus chaos audio production/kotzdam




Complete Crap Potsdam, Germany

almost-punx from kotzdam shitcity/germoney


21.06.17 - Fête de la Musique/kuze/potsdam
11.08. oboa festival
31.08. punkhotel/potsdam (ratttengold)

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Track Name: kassandra
Consider: timing
Consider: self-marketing
Consider: functioning
Consider: networking
We take for granted
you've got nerves of steel

Consider being two-faced
weighting options
to call it by it's name
won't make your way...ah fuck!!!

No matter what you say
It's worth to take your time and you'll see!!!
No matter what you say
It's worth to get to know the whole story!!!

Got taught how to pull attention
Got taught in double strategies
Got taught self marketing
of how the political system's gonna work
and off you go

No matter what you say
It's worth to take your time and you'll see!!!
No matter what you say
It's worth to get to know the whole story!!!
Track Name: delivering da styles
Throw down the walls
outside and in your mind
the force that pushed us forward (once)
is a myth in decline

….just a myth in decline!

Think about rebellion like mom and dad never used to do!
Is to Think about a question: how we re-enact the ….move!

Here we are
so-called opposition
the average european white man
hopes for a transition

Delivering all da styles
designed to set us free
We're all living in a joke
we've got eyes but cannot see

It's time: destroy the faith in rock'n roll spin round in a clichè avoid dumb-ass r'n roll
...paralyzed by sleazy r'n b
Track Name: neighborhood
You and your mainstream
want to clean our corner
Culture disappears for money and power

This city can ‘t sleep
Tonight I want to destroy it

Have a meeting with a lot of my friends in my neighborhood
It’s like a Party over your flat
The noise echoes through your head

No more gray
No more wealth for the fat Lobster
Paint the walls, life colorful and louder
Fire and hate and a blink with my eyes

Fire and hate and a blink with my eyes
Track Name: kill the idyll
Suburban idyll got killed today
Private eden on fire
your canalized boredom
all your lovely flowers

The puerile terror patrol
Rushes through your sainthood
Boot down your silly paradise
si, si, senor hell awaits!

Just for nothing
For no reason
just crap

Yes that what it is
not a fancy performance
best looking frontgarden the last 20 years
lets trample some pride in the dust

Mean, malicious, respectless asshole
Don't care what you called it
Don't care anyway
We kill the idyll
Track Name: live for reason
Messed up your ideals
Left your youth behind to become the one you hate
Freedom was replaced by empty thought about the future
Colors fade away
Dreams depreciate reality becomes reality

Bear tragedies lose illusions
What's the reason for
Doing things you don’t like
Feel yourself and going down
Watching your life go away
Your smile fades to grey, lines fill your face

Looking back you realize its over
Over and done
It’s too late to change anything
Realization comes to late if at all
Dead for so long it’s too late to mourn

Live for reason