"almost punk" - demo 2012

by Complete Crap

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Dave(vox), Kotti(bass), Stolle(guitar), Xris(drums)

contact: madwinx@yahoo.com


released March 1, 2012

recorded, mixed and mastered by dirch & nikolaus/Chaos Audio Productions in potsdamn/germoney




Complete Crap Potsdam, Germany

almost-punx from kotzdam shitcity/germoney


21.06.17 - Fête de la Musique/kuze/potsdam
11.08. oboa festival
31.08. punkhotel/potsdam (ratttengold)

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Track Name: situation violation
SITUATION VIOLATION --- daddy is the führer of a gang / the führer of the riot police / the führer of the black faceless army / scream „hail!“ when you´re down on your knees / situation violation / beat the shit out of me / situation violation / i´m the shame of the family / situation violation / now you´re dead an gone / situation violation / vengeance of the bastard son / since the last riot there´s a missing in action / the führer is lost without a trace / this is the vengeance for the night stick justice / i´ll give it back into the führers face ---
Track Name: trash can
trash can

political lies – more power
beautiful cities – better living conditions?
ecology – industry
nuclear power – no future
genetic engineering – contaminated food
a world full of idiots is like a challenge
i've got the feeling to be attacked
and i request it to defend myself
religion - homophobia
patriotism – nationalism
world wide web – commercial break
reality – living dreams
Track Name: kiss my darkness
kiss my darkness

i love power people - yes, i do!
tough and focussed – tight and straight
always on the run
winner is their second first name
the game is over when they say it's over
good looking and money eating
devote themself to success
boss friendly elbow champion
conscience-free and hard-bitten
oh look, there they come!
i like to watch them - how they smile!
i love it! it's so arrogant and mean
for them i'm weak shit, low life junk
but i smile about them too, my way
because they turn off the light for kissing
and they just can fuck in the dark
Track Name: inspector assless
inspector assless

you call me a fare dodger
what the hell is wrong with you
you lousy ticket inspector
and your piss pants crew

ask the company you work for
what evasion is all about
i´m a notorious black driver
but it´s me who kicks you out

(stuff your) penalty ticket up your fourth point of contact
get off that train you ridiculous clown
no tickets, no masters, no glossy main stations
i´m a free bitch, baby! free riding the town

free rides for everyone
black drive
no cash for no one
black drive
Track Name: almost funny
Almost funny

you got it! Nearly!
Picked up all pieces of your puzzle of cool. Nearly.
Fast, fast! no matter how and why
just fast as … you forgot it
and before boredom gets you by the balls
just die!
They said it
and you got it! Nearly.

Born fast & grow fast - good job!
learn fast to forget fast – congrats!
love fast – fuck fast - 100 points!
Now hit the home stretch!

The faster you finish, the bigger the joke
somehow sad but no!
Somehow Your choice!
Your Life almost sucks?
Almost done!
No fear of lame fade-out
you´re almost gone

Almost fast - almost clever
almost cool – almost ever